Innovation in PET Imaging

Because Size Matters

World's Smallest PET Scanner

Lab-Top Adaptable

Pre-clinical MRI/PET

Real Time Neuronal Imaging

Quantitative Clinical PET

Functional Plant Imaging


Small Animal PET

Rat Cap

non-invasive neuronal imaging on a freely moving, fully awake animal!

Wrist Scanner

Monitors Uptake (currently being tested for investigative purposes)


can be integrated into virtually every pre-clinical MRI!

SynchoPET Innovation

SynchroPET manufactures the smallest and most adaptable PET (Positron Emission Tomography) devices in the world.

Our patented platform technology unlocks enormous potential for researchers:

  • Simultaneous PET/MRI imaging on small animals and humans
  • Awake small animal neuronal PET
  • Non-invasive quantitative input function for traditional clinical PET scanners (in