MRI / PET Insert

Pre-Clinical LabTop Series

PET/MRI Insert: Simultaneous PET/MRI

The MR/PET Insert can be used as a standalone small animal PET Scanner or it can retrofit into commercial small animal MRI systems to provide simultaneous PET/MRI.

An ultra compact and MRI-compatible PET scanner, designed to fit inside virtually all existing commercial small-animal MRI systems to provide simultaneous functional and structural imaging with PET and MRI.

Detector Properties

Model M12 Detector ring is comprised of 12 detector blocks arranged at a common radius

Model M24 Detector ring is comprised of 24 detector blocks arranged at a common radius

Each detector consists of:

  • 32 pieces LYSO scintillator (2.3 mm x 2.3mm x 8mm each in 48 array)
  • One 32-element Avalanche Photo Diode array directly coupled to individual scintillators
  • One 32 channel ASIC chip for signal conversion

Blocks are mounted on a multi-layer combined flexible-rigid printed circuit configuring as a ring and contained within an annular enclosure.

Physical Dimensions

  • Model M12 Inner diameter 44 mm, Outer diameter 82mm, axial length 25mm (Double ring 50mm)
  • Model M24 Inner diameter 85mm, Outer diameter 155mm, axial length 26 mm (Double ring 50mm)

Device can be configured to comprise two rings, doubling the total number of detector elements with a corresponding increase in the axial Field of View.

Embracing the platform technology of the PET Insert,  MINI-PET is a LabTop PET Imaging Device that is easily moved to different stations within the laboratory.  The SynchroPET Insert can also do double duty as a stand alone PET.